Climate & Weather of Guilin

Guilin has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate, with short, mild winters, and long, hot, humid summers. Springs generally overcasts and often rainy. Summers last from late May to early October when temperatures are averaging between 28 and 34 ℃ during most days. Nights are a balmy 20-25 ℃. Autumns are sunny and dry. It is a good time to visit. Winters are from December to early March, but with temperatures between 12 and 16 ℃ it is actually quite comfortable. Nights are 5 to 7 ℃, so bring a sweater. Winters are also the dry time, with around 50-75 mm of rain a month.The annual rainfall is just above 1,888 mm (74 in), and is delivered in bulk (~50%) from April to June, when the plum rains occur and often create the risk of flooding. With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 14% in March to 53% in September, the city receives 1,487 hours of bright sunshine annually.