Shopping in Guilin

Shopping in Guilin can be a little overwhelming, though, so we've put together a list of the best places to visit while in the city.

Zhongshan Road 

As the uppermost traffic trunk running through the South and North of Guilin, Zhongshan Road is the commercial center of the city with many big department stores in the street, as well as many boutique stores including some famous brands. The below four famous department stores are just for your information:

1. NiKo-NiKo-Do Plaza (微笑堂)

Address: 37 Zhongshan Middle Road

Business Hours: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm, Monday – Sunday

Price Negotiable: No

Niko-Niko-Do Plaza is one of the best shopping malls, and may be the most popular one in Guilin. If you are looking for quality clothing, shoes, electronics, and cosmetics, it is a right place to go. There are some fine restaurants on 

the top floor and a KFC outlet on the ground floor facing the main street. Niko-Niko-Do Plaza has an under group food supermarket, where you can purchase local specialties.

2. Dream Island Department Store (梦之岛百货)

Address: 20 Middle Zhongshan Road

Business Hours: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm, Monday – Sunday

Price Negotiable: No

Similar to Niko-Niko-Do Plaza, Dream Island Department Store is another place to go for quality brand goods. There is also a KFC outlet on the ground floor facing the main street.

3. Osmanthus Shopping Plaza (八桂大厦) 

Address: 47 Middle Zhongshan Road

Business Hours: 9:00 am – 9:30 pm, Monday – Sunday

Price Negotiable: Yes 

There are many clothing and shoe stores in this shopping plaza, where you can bargain the prices. The prices in  most stores are inexpensive, and the quality is reasonable. You could either get deals or ripped off when shopping in here, 

so also ways remember to bargain.

4. Guilin Department Store (桂林百货大楼)

Address: No.14, Zhongshanzhong Road

Business Hours: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm, Monday – Sunday

Price Negotiable: No

Guilin Department Store selling food, clothing, shoes, electronics, jewellery and cosmetics. You can find everything here. 

Zheng Yang Pedestrian Street 

Zhang Yang Pedestrian Street locates in downtown Guilin paralleled the Zhong Shan Road. The main entrance to Zheng Yang Pedestrian Street is opposite to the entrance of the ancient Ming Dynasty princes' palace.

This walking street is Guilin's most hip and popular shopping district that consists of many fashion boutiques, bars, nightclubs, high-end hair salons, and restaurants. No vehicles are allowed to enter the streets. It is the best place in Guilin to find fashion clothing and places to hang out. It is where to see and be seen in Guilin.

Xicheng Lu Pedestrian Street

Xicheng Lu Pedestrian Street is the second street following the Zhengyang Street. Located in the Xiufeng District, Xicheng Lu is a 420-meter-long street with various kinds of shops such as travel souvenir shops, snacks shops, clothing shops, restaurants, etc. People can find things they need as well as appreciate the Ming and Qing Dynasty architectures here.

Guilin Tourism and Entertainment Area (the former Guilin Night Market 桂林夜市) 

Address: a special tourist section bordered by Wumei Road in the north, Nanhuan Road in the south, Zhongshan Road in the east and Chongshan Road in the west.

Business Hours: after 7:00 pm, Monday – Sunday

Price Negotiable: Yes

Each evening from 7:00 pm until midnight in a vast area specially arranged for tourists and entertainment fonders. It is a bustling night market. Stalls here mostly sell souvenirs and knick-knacks from all parts of China and they sell mostly the same kind of goods too. Shopping at the street-side stalls are fun, but be sure to bargain.

Little Hongkong 

Originally as the first pedestrian street, now it has been rebuilt into a commercial street underground, situated in the underground of Central Square of Guilin (city center). The street gathers hundreds of shops dealing with food, bags, cloth, footwear, cosmetic, mobile phones and other electronic devices. Remember to bargain if prices are not openly displayed.

Underground Market near the Train Station

There is a big underground market running from the Guilin Train Station all the way to the Guilin Bus Station selling clothes, footwear, accessories, bags, and many more. Things are not expensive in this market, you can bargain with the shopkeepers.

Lianda Plaza

TOO Damo Commercial- Damo Lianda Plaza is located in Guilin city Huancheng West Road, is China's first Commercial Shopping Center gather shopping, relaxation, entertainment, catering, tourism as one. Particularly Lianda Plaza have outer street, inner street, and many other areas, covering the department stores, supermarkets, self-service KTV, Food City, Monroe cinema, all kinds of stores, bars, restaurants, amusement parks, etc., is a experiential Shopping Mall with multiple functions of shopping, consumption, relaxation and experience.

Wanda Plaza

Wanda Plaza Guilin is located at #43 Chuanshan East Road in Qixing district. It comprises a mix of uses: a retail mall, shopping streets, entertainment, and residential towers. 

Nancheng Department Store (Qixing Branch)

Nancheng Department Store (Qixing Branch) is beside Jiatianxia Square. It is the fifth Nancheng Department Store branch in Guilin. The department store has been divided into several functional areas,including Refined Products Area, large-scale Supermarket, Sport Area, Electric Equipment Area and so on. Nancheng Department Store has A and B two wings. Wing A is mainly for Clothes, Shoes, cosmetic, boxes, Jewelry and others. Wing B is for electric equipment and recreational area.

Wa Yao Tourist Products Wholesale Market - bargainer's paradise

The Wa Yao Wholesale Market is made up of several 6-story buildings. Wa Yao is where individual shoppers and buyers from other shops go for their needs. This market sells everything from clothing and house wares, to antiques and art. 

The Wa Yao Tour Products Shopping District is organized into categorized sections, so finding things is fairly easy. As it is mainly a wholesale market, you can get lower prices in here than the normal retailing prices. Be aware, if you are looking for high quality brands, this is not the right place to go. But this is an excellent place to collect local crafts.

Shopping at West Street in Yangshuo

The West Street in Yangshuo is well-known for its unique cultural atmosphere. It is also a nice shopping location for unique cultural stuffs. Big fans, really big to catch your eyes, Yangshuo Big Fans are great for decorations. The painted fan undergoes a series of processes including dyeing, mounting and painting with lacquer or water color paint before it is ready for retail. You can always find the backdrops of the fans are depicting birds, bamboos, flowers, insects and traditional, beautiful Chinese girls. West Street is also a place to find quality minority costumes and handicrafts. These are great souvenirs to bring home. Items soled in west street are negotiable, be sure to bargain.