Best Time to Visit Guilin

The weather in Guilin is generally mild with four seasons - sunny and vigorous spring, rainy and foggy summer, cool and pleasant autumn, breezy and drizzling winter. The weather is because of this understandably one of the main factors weighing into the decision of when to take a trip to Guilin. In this article, we summarize the best times to visit Guilin to make sure you experience not only the best of the city but also don't pay extortionate flight prices during the holiday seasons.

April to June: Comfortable but rainy. You can appreciate the misty and rainy scenery of the Li River. In the middle of May to the beginning of June, the Longsheng Rice Terraces are well flooded, and the reflection of water in the rice fields attracts many photographers.  Temperatures are very pleasant during these months and you can enjoy activities outdoors without having to wear or carry around a jacket. This is especially a good time for families to take a trip to Guilin because the temperatures are moderate in comparison to the mid-summer or mid-winter. 

July to October: This period is the best time to see the scenery along the Li River clearly  from Guilin to Yangshuo under bright sunshine. And in late September to early October, the rice on the Longshen Rice Terrace is ripe for harvesting, making the terraces look like carpeted steps of golden yellow.

November to March: The low travel season is from November to March. November is recommended as the weather is comfortable. We don't recommend our customers to travel Guilin from December to March because it is typically cold and misty damp.

Bear in mind avoiding the Chinese Spring Festival and the "golden weeks": (May 1–7, October 1–7) as it is extremely crowded everywhere.