Why Choose Us

Local Guilin Tours have been successfully running tours in Guilin for more than 30 years, we understand what it takes to run tours in a culturally diverse country like China and pride ourselves in being real experts in the field. In addition to our ever popular group tours, we retain a solid reputation for creating tailor-made holidays and short breaks to Guilin and other China cities.

Our experienced international team have travelled and investigated extensively throughout Guilin and it is this first-hand knowledge that enables us to run professional tours that cater to the needs of visitors from all over the world. 

We take pride in being able to offer you an authentic travel experiences and revealing the true pulse of Guilin.

We believe the best way to experience a place is through the eyes of the local people and all our tours are lead by local English speaking tour guides.

We have created well planned tours based on years of research and experience and we ensure that all our tour hotels and support services are regularly inspected.

Here are our top eight reasons to travel to Guilin with us!

1. We are a Local Tour Company

As a local Guilin tour company, we have lot of local guides and drivers, we cooperate with many hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, train station, airport, and etc.; hence we understand Guilin well and are familiar with each place our customer goes. We are convenient to go out to inspect and control the quality of each place for your trip. And if you have any problem during the trip, we can give a fast help and support.

As we work in Guilin, we are able to offer you the most updated local information to help you understand what need to be aware of before your arrival in Guilin.

2. Experienced Tour Operator

An experienced tour operator plays very important role in choosing a right tour company as it will determine if your whole trip would be smooth, comfortable, pleasant or not.

Founded in 1986, our company has conducted tour business for more than 30 years. This ensures that we can provide knowledgeable tour guide, safe driver, flexible schedule, fantastic hotel and exquisite cuisine at great prices. We pay attention to every single detail of our tour service, if there is anything improper in all the procedures, we can make it right promptly. Travelling with us, we hope you enjoy a totally worry-free, hassle-free and difficult-free experience.

3.Luxury Travel at Local Rates

Customer service and experience is the highest priority of Local Guilin Tours. We want to make sure you always feel taken care of, and get the highest-quality of service with a personal touch. We are working here, and can ensure you are getting the best local rates.

We discount price only, but never discount quality. However, we offers in all of our tours a level of quality that only can be matched by the top 20% of other travel agencies or travel organizers. We can even show attractions to our customers that are hidden to most of tourists due to our close relations with local governments. We aim to bring an unbeatable value for the money spent on us.

4. Real care customer service

We consider customer caring service as our number one job. We are in direct contact with each of our customers. And because of it, we know exactly what you want and can meet your every need. We value each customer's information and appreciate your every comment to us. We are eager to listen and learn anytime how we can improve our service better. We will make sure that each step of your tour is taken into account with a personal care to make you totally satisfied.

5. Private & Professional Tour Guides and Transportation

Our selected and trained tour guides are the best in this region, and are gracious, patient, flexible, pleasant and are fluent in English.

We have a fleet of vehicles at our disposal, so depending on the size of your group, we will provide transportation that is the right size. Our vehicles are regularly inspected for safety and performance and are clean and comfortable with enough room for you, your luggage, and stretching space.

The tour guides and transportation are private and flexible. Our guides and drivers are licensed and provided additional training and instruction for our clients.

6. Tailor-made Itinerary & Personalized Travel Experiences

All of our Guilin travel packages are private tours and your itinerary is individually customized to your wishes. We plan and execute every detail of your trip based on your needs, wants, travel style, timeframe, interests and budget of every member of your travel group so that you have the experience of a lifetime, rather than just a trip.

7. Hand-picked Accommodations & Local Featured Dining

Local Guilin Tours handpicks the best-value hotels and resorts in this region based on on-the-ground inspections, the reviews of sites such as Tripadvisor.com, Agoda.com and our clients past experiences. We maintain great relationships with all of the hotels in the region, ensuring you the best service and price.

For cuisine, we arrange select famous restaurants that must international health and service standards and that provide a balanced variety of local and worldwide choices so everyone in your group can enjoy the experience.

8. Prompt response

Our travel consultants will be with you from the very first e-mail or phone-call to the moment you are safe back home. For your every inquiry to us, we give prompt response within 0.5-23.5 hrs. And we specially provide urgent contact email for you to get our priority response. We also offer a 24hrs phone call service for you to reach us anytime you need during your trip. For all the questions you have, we will take care of it and give a prompt response and action!